Leprechaun Up To His Ears In Leg Waxing Business

4 Mar

Dublin, OH–Following the smoking-hot success of his gold-buy-back business, Sell Us Your Old Pot, Leprechaun Fergus Langers has opened the Irish Aye Wernt Herry Day Spa. “It’s been a wee bit busy for us since opening,” said Mr. Langers. “Folks fancy ‘r theme, and service is top-notch. Ye’d be amazed what a little hot wax and whiskey can do ye’.”

Mr. Langers’s staff employs all the latest techniques in Leprechaunian hair removal. “For the legs we offer the Sheep Shear as ‘r basic package,” said Mr. Langers “For the upper thigh area, ye’ can surprise yer ‘oney with the Cliffs of Moher, The Shamrock, or The End Of The Rainbow. That last one’s very popular.”

“Also, for the under arm, we suggest the Erin-Go-Braughless,” added Mr. Langers.

The spa offers many other therapeutic and hygienic services. There is an all organic, bog-dredged Peat Treatment. Patrons can maintain their cuticles with a full service Patty-cure. And Mr. Langers describes the Hot Blarney Stone Massage as, “Hard pressed kisses on yer back.”

Fergus Langers is very pleased with the response his newest business venture has received from the community. “I didn’t know what people would think, or if I’d make any profit,” said Mr. Langers. “But I did, and for that I thank me lucky charms.”



2 Responses to “Leprechaun Up To His Ears In Leg Waxing Business”

  1. ameanjoke 03/04/2013 at 1:47 pm #

    Your blog is awesome and I have nominated you for a liebster award. Check out what you need to do to accept here 🙂 http://ameanjoke.wordpress.com/2013/03/04/i-won-the-internet-and-all-i-got-was-this-jpg/

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