Wrong Lubricant Creates Friction For Tin Man

18 Mar

SEATTLE, WA–Following the request of girlfriend, Lisa, for a personal lube job, the Tin Man took it upon himself to change the oil in her Prius. The fact that the Tin Man has never attempted any form of routine automotive maintenance before is now painfully obvious to her. “You’d think he’d know how to do an oil change,” she said. “Surprisingly, my Tin Man’s not mechanically inclined.”

After spilling out the old motor oil all-over the driveway, the Tin Man mistakenly replaced it with oil that was meant for a two-cycle engine. “He must have drained half-a-dozen of those little bottles into there,” said Lisa.

Lisa smelled smoke from the engine before she made it to the end of the driveway. Though damage appears to be minimal, the two will not know the extent for certain until they can get the car into the dealership. The Prius has been drained of oil for a second time, and has sat upon a jack in the garage for more than a week. The Tin Man has promised Lisa that he will finish the oil change when he can, “Get to it.”

Meanwhile, the Tin Man has had to drive Lisa to and from work each day. Arguments over who is in charge of the radio station, directions, and whether-or-not it was legal to allow Scarecrow to ride around in the bed of the Tin Man’s pick-up truck have only served to complicate the situation. “I’ll forgive him eventually,” said Lisa. “He meant well. But sometimes my Tin Man can be all heart and no brains.” 20130102-072112.jpg


One Response to “Wrong Lubricant Creates Friction For Tin Man”

  1. honeydidyouseethat? 03/19/2013 at 2:24 am #

    Too cute.

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