Dorothy Gale Suspects Broader Conspiracy In Wizard’s Hoax

18 Apr


Manhattan, KS–A frustrated Dorothy Gale returned home following her pointless journey through the Land of Oz. She was disappointed to learn that the Great and Powerful Wizard was simply an old man running Skype with a laptop and an office projector. What was more dumbfounding, is that Wizard thought he could perpetrate his hoax under the cover of common window drapery.

Immediately following the Wizard’s disgrace, self described ‘Good Witch,’ Glinda remembered that the pair of shoes she had given Ms. Gale days before were capable of breaching the space-time continuum, thus taking her home. “Gee, thanks, Glinda,” said Ms. Gale. “Don’t you think you could of told me that back in, oh say, Munchkin Land!”

Dorothy Gale has now begun to suspect that others maybe in on the Wizard’s deception. She has noticed that the farmhands look suspiciously like the Lion, Tin Man, and Scarecrow. Miss Gulch has the same profile as the Wicked Witch of the West. And if Ms. Gale squints, Auntie Em vaguely resembles a flying monkey. Ms. Gale is playing it cool for now. She will contemplate the similarities while listening to a few of her favorite Pink Floyd tracks until she figures out what they are all doing on this side of the rainbow. 20130102-072112.jpg


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