Billy Goat Gruff Feeling Sheepish

26 Jun
"I heart ewe!"

“I heart ewe!”

SHEPHERDSTOWN, WV–Congressman Billy Goat Gruff III of West Virginia has issued a public apology to the sheep within his constituency. It comes after the fallout over a now infamous You Tube video in which the congressmen was heard making anti-flock statements at an all-you-can-graze fundraiser. Mr. Gruff III is known for using harsh language in the past. In the video he clearly stated, “I can’t get the sheep within my district to think for themselves.” He went on to say that, “[The sheep] follow each other around like lambs to the slaughter, blissfully unaware of what’s happening. One of these days a troll will get them.”

In an open letter, the congressman has written the following:

To The Sheep Of My District,

I apologize to any of you that I have hurt or offended. I realize that it is wrong to ram my own beliefs onto you, the rams and ewes. I have never had a problem personally with any single ram or ewe. Whatever punishment you, rams and ewes, decide to use, I will humbly take into consideration.

The Honorable Billy Goat Gruff III
United States House of Representatives

So far, there has been no word as to how those in the lamb community are taking all of this.



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