Royal Ball Held In Turmoil

3 Sep
Charming's "Foot"man?

Charming’s “Foot”man?

A Special Report By Grimm Report Chief Royal Pain Correspondent, Allison Christie | @allisonsarah16

ANAHEIM, CA–This week we unite in preparation for the Christening of Prince Charming The Second. Our contact at the palace has advised that since the announcement was made, a three day lavish ball inviting every fair maiden from within the kingdom was to be held in the infants honor. However, rumor has it that not everybody is in the mood to celebrate. Tensions have been running high between the new parents, Cinderella and Charming The First.

The stormy atmosphere over shadowing the festivities is largely due to the fact that Cinderella has struggled with her post pregnancy weight and, due to lack of sleep, her bright eyes have been marked by dark shadows. We approached Cinderella’s stepsisters, and this is what they had to say.

“Well, our invite is yet to arrive. But I don’t know what Cinder’s problem is. She’s always been the ugly one,” said one of the stepsisters. “And as for Charming [The First], well I’m pretty sure that this time he will be dancing the nigh away with us!”

“He has a thing for twins, you know…nudge nudge, wink wink,” the second stepsister added, pulling her chapped lips over her rotten teeth in an attempt to smile.

The official statement from the palace is that the ball was also arranged by Charming The First to help brighten Cinderella’s mood, and that her Fairy Godmother has been drafted in to help style her Highness. The palace also wants to quash all rumors that Charming The First has a secret fantasy about twins, and that the pornographic DVD he bought at the adult store entitled, ‘A Pair Of Slippers,’ was a gift for his footman.



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