Medusa Faces Stiff Competition In Staring Contest

4 Sep
She never expected such solid competition

She never expected such solid competition

MEMPHIS, TN—Seventy-six seconds into the Sesquicentennial Straight-up Stare-down Standoff, sponsored by Clear-Eyes, it had become quite apparent that first-time contestant, Medusa, was getting more than an eyeful from her competitor, “No-No” Nicky Polydectes. Spectators in attendance got a very real display of what happens when an irresistible object meets an immovable force. That was until nearly seventeen minutes later, when Medusa finally gave in to the stone-cold concentration of No-No, and hung her snake-ridden head in shame. “I’ve come a long way to see this,” said one observer, Ulysses. “And it was quite the oddity!”

After the match we were able to get into the locker room of Medusa. She spoke with us after self-administering plenty of eyedrops, and reclined with a cucumber slice over each irritated eye. “I don’t get out to see people that often, and thought why not participate in a little friendly competition, get to know some people face-to-face,” said Medusa.

Medusa had not considered how hard the competition would get. “Oh my, No-No. That guy is so method. I couldn’t get anything from him. Blew him a kiss. Gave him a little head fake. Even broke wind. Not so much as a flinch from the guy… I think he’s still sitting out there. Must be going for a record.”

Fortunately for Medusa the contest is double-elimination. She is hoping for better luck tomorrow when she is slated to face-off against Perseus in the second round. “Yeah, I got to find a way to get this next guy to budge,” said Medusa. “I’ll give it some reflection this evening. I don’t want to over-think it or I’ll lose my head.”



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