Mama’s BearClaw Bakery

16 Sep
Mama's Bearclaw (with authentic claw?)

Mama’s Bearclaw (with authentic claw?)

A Special Review By Grimm Report Chief Hospitality Correspondent, Goldilocks.
Transcribed from Goldilocks’s messy handwriting by Amy Good | @amicgood

Mama’s BearClaw Bakery has the warm, doughy ambience of a mother’s love wrapped up in a cinnamon-scented hug!  As soon as I walked into the cozy shop, the earthy aroma of coffee and fryer oil tickled my nose.  You probably won’t believe it, but my long blonde hair smelled of pastries and lattes for the rest of the day!  The line of customers zigzagged between the shop’s tables, with guests happily chatting away as they debated choosing the Houdini Éclair over a box of Coffee Toffee Donut Holes.  Personally, I couldn’t wait to try Mama’s famous Maple Bearclaws!!

When I got to the counter, a very congenial employee, Reuben, pulled his gum from his mouth so he could recommend Mama’s newest creation, the Ogre.  Apparently, it’s a triple-sized chocolate cake donut drenched in mint green frosting and topped with orange sprinkles!  How could I resist?

Carrying my donuts and cappuccino to a nearby table proved harder than I thought it would be, but eventually I made the trek to a lime and purple striped armchair.  It looked so comfy and I couldn’t wait to sit down…  Unfortunately, I should’ve waited just a minute more!  You see, I set my donuts down on the table, but I was still holding my coffee when – crack! – the chair completely gave way underneath me.

Boy, does Mama’s make a really hot cup of coffee!!  Almost too hot, especially when it splashed up into my face.  Was my face red!  Luckily, Reuben handed me a towel and gave me a second cappuccino at half-price!!  I politely suggested that Reuben also remove the chair, but he assured me it was simply the way I sat down.  Silly me!

Once I was settled into a new chair that fit me a bit better, it was time to decide which donut I would sink my teeth into first.  The Ogre or the Maple Bearclaw?  Or the Tyrannical Tiramisu, which I picked up with my new cappuccino?  So many choices, right?!  But once I saw the bits of crispy bacon cooked right into the Bearclaw, my mind was made up.  I lifted it to my mouth and let my teeth slowly sink into the doughy goodness.

At first, I couldn’t understand why it was so crunchy…  Then I realized that one of Mama’s claws must’ve gotten baked into the donut as well.  Luckily, I only swallowed half of it!  And when I brought the Maple Bearclaw to Reuben, he knocked a quarter off the price of my next purchase.  What a deal!

All in all, my trip to Mama’s Bearclaw Bakery was lively and filling!  Mama has such a unique way with pastries that you should all do yourselves a favor and stop by.  I give Mama’s an enthusiastic five of five stars!!



2 Responses to “Mama’s BearClaw Bakery”

  1. deshipley 09/16/2013 at 12:11 pm #

    Sounds like a mouthwatering selection! Though I hope the breakaway chair and actual bear claw aren’t typical of the venue; I’d prefer not to sprain a tailbone or chip a tooth.

    • grimmreport 09/16/2013 at 2:24 pm #

      Goldilocks also recommends a taste of Mama’s World Renowned Sticky Buns, which in her words were, “Quite sumptuous.”

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