Georgie Porgie Has Fill Of Pudding Pies

23 Sep

KANSAS CITY, MO–Anxiety is eating away at Georgie Porgie. His stress comes from a rejection suffered Thursday afternoon from a longtime crush. Over the past three years, Georgie Porgie has stumbled around the offices of Bells & Shells Law Firm, following coworker, Mary Mary, like a lost puppy. During the past three months, the two had been finally getting to know each other, as they had both been assigned to the Hostess Pudding Pies account after the brands parent company restructured. On Thursday afternoon at approximately 3:00 p.m., Georgie Porgie mistook a congratulatory hug for the filing of the account paperwork as a sign of affection. He let down his guard, leaned in, and kissed Mary Mary. Quite contrary, she cried. Georgie Porgie fled, embarrassed.

Georgie Porgie was scheduled to host poker night with the boys Thursday evening. Grief in his voice over the incident at the office, Georgie Porgie wanted to avoid the opportunity for awkward explanation. So much so, that he didn’t bother to phone any of the boys to cancel. When they all came over to play, Georgie Porgie slipped out the back door. He spent the rest of the evening hanging his head in shame at the home of neighbor, Peter Peter.

The twice married Peter Peter offered to console Georgie Porgie with a slice of pumpkin pie, without realizing that his newlywed bride had just finished it. Still, Peter Peter wanted to make good on his offer, and headed out to find a substitute. He returned from the local Walgreens moments later with the best thing he could find, Hostess Pudding Pies.



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