Sleeping Beauty Victim Of Slumber Party Pranks

30 Sep
The missing lock.

The missing lock.

Sleeping Beauty will not be crashing on the couch of Cinderella, Snow White or any other supposed friend anytime soon. She was the unsuspecting butt of several slumber party-esque pranks on a girls’ weekend at the home of an unnamed person. Settling in after a cross-country flight, she had a late lunch of turkey sandwich and a glass of milk. She then retired to the den for a quick power-nap while others arrived at the home of her hostess. Sleeping Beauty awoke a few hours later embarrassed and humiliated.

“I got up and realized that I had overslept for our spa appointment, which wasn’t a big deal because I knew where the place was,” said Sleeping Beauty. When she went to change out of her travel clothing she realized her luggage was heavier than usual. Sleeping Beauty discovered that her clothing had been replaced with about a bushels-worth of rotting crab apples. After scraping the overly ripe fruit into the trash, Sleeping Beauty found a note stuck to the inside of the suitcase. The note read, “Lingerie in the freezer for that snow-white freshness! How do you like them apples?”

Retrieving her delicates from the freezer, Sleeping Beauty found the rest of her clothes crumpled in adjacent refrigerator. Sleeping Beauty decided she would have to go ‘Lost Boys’ while her underwear thawed out. She dressed and ran to the powder room to adjust her make-up. It was then that Sleeping Beauty saw that a large chuck of her hair had been trimmed from her head, and that the phrase ‘Bippity, Boppity, Boobs’ had been written across her face in magic marker. “No amount of concealer would cover that up,” said Sleeping Beauty. “I swear I could hear the mirror laughing at me.”

Sleeping Beauty had decided that she had had enough. But before she could leave the house to give her friends a piece of her mind, there was one more issue to deal with. Sleeping Beauty brought with her a pair of flats and a pair of heals. Of the two pairs of shoes she arrived with, each was missing a shoe. Sleeping Beauty found another note stuffed into the toe of the flat that read, “I had to borrow these for a date. I’ll have them back to you after midnight.”

Donning the pair of mismatched footwear, Sleeping Beauty called a cab and headed for the spa. When Sleeping Beauty arrived, the attendant at the front counter let her know that the rest of her party was in the midst of receiving a full body mud treatment. The attendant asked Sleeping Beauty if she would like to join them. Sleeping Beauty declined. She then left the attendant with a message for her friends. “I told her to let ‘em know that I’ve decided to sleep in a little longer,” said Sleeping Beauty. “Then I took off with all of their clothes.”



One Response to “Sleeping Beauty Victim Of Slumber Party Pranks”

  1. rgdole 09/30/2013 at 9:33 pm #

    Oh no! The Rape of the Lock! lol I think my literature classes are getting to me… and wow talk about seeing the princesses in a whole new light… them girls be crazy…

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