Frankenstein’s Monster Reanimates Dead Battery

4 Oct


ERIE, PA–Who needs AAA when you have good Samaritans like Frankenstein’s Monster to help you in a jam? Last night, city resident Shelly Marr was stranded alone in the parking lot of a CVS Pharmacy on Peninsula Drive, near Trinity Cemetery. As the twenty-two year old struggled with the ignition of her dilapidated Ford Escort Pony, Frankenstein’s Monster emerged. Seeing the distressed young lady, the monster sprang to action.

“I had run into the CVS to get some hair care products for my bride,” said Frankenstein’s Monster. “I came out and saw the young lady in the car looking so helpless and alone. I think I startled her when I tapped on her door. She’s got quite the set of lungs.”

Luckily for Ms. Marr, Frankenstein’s Monster keeps a set of jumper cables in his vehicle for such an occasion. After attaching the clamps to the Sears DieHard battery under the hood of the Escort, it only took a quick tap of his neck bolts on the other end to get the engine cranking again.

Shelly Marr’s 1991 Ford Escort Pony is a junkyard salvage. She had it pieced together with parts from other abandoned vehicles and liberal amounts of Bondo. “It’s a nice little ride,” commented Frankenstein’s Monster. “You’d be surprised the amount of life you can get out of a used body. Switch out a few parts. Give it a jump now and again. Good as new!”



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