Puss Wants Candy

7 Oct
Puss N' Boots is dressing up this Halloween

Puss N’ Boots is dressing up this Halloween

Which costumed kitten might arrive on your doorstep looking for a handout this Halloween? Puss N’ Boots! That’s right, Puss is aching to fill up on the sweet stuff… and is willing to go to any length.

Only a few know what Puss N’ Boots will resemble. So far, Puss has remained tight lipped on the matter. Luckily, we at The Grimm Report have gotten a heads-up straight from a member within Puss’s inner circle, the flip-flop-wearing bohemian fowl, Cock N’ Thongs.

Cock N’ Thongs says the two have enjoyed a fluid exchange of some pretty nutty concepts. While spitballing, Cock suggested dressing up as a pitcher, a cyclops, or one-eyed jack. Puss N’ Boots had toyed around with going as a catcher or Venus Fly Trap, but it looks as though Puss is going to be a pirate in the end. “Puss will have a patch, maybe a piercing,” revealed Cock. “Instead of, ‘Trick-or-treat,’ Puss will say something like, ‘Argh, show me your booty. I want to gobble it up!'”

Puss N’ Boots has joked that Cock N’ Thongs should accompany him dressed as a parrot. “Puss just likes to tease me,” said Cock. “But if that’s what Puss really wants to do, I’m all in.”



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