Coach Class: Cinderella revamps her old vehicle into a home

8 Oct

Cinderella’s old ride.

A Special Report By Grimm Report Chief Transportation Correspondent, Jocelyn Koehler | @jocelynk414

She’s been the belle of the ball, but “It Girl” Cinderella has just announced a dramatic shift in focus. She’s stepping back from her high-profile role as Prince Charming’s wife, and exploring the road less traveled.

Her goal? To retrofit her vehicle, the iconic pumpkin coach, into a home. “I’ve always been fascinated by the tiny house movement, and the locavore trend,” said Cinderella. “And as much as I enjoy palace life, I felt that something was missing.”

The idea to blend her two interests struck her as she climbed into the coach to beat the midnight traffic after a recent soiree. Said Cinderella, “I got the idea from Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater’s wife, actually. I heard she liked her place very well, at least after she redecorated her shell in a more shabby chic style. Myself, I’m thinking more wabisabi. Anything to keep cleaning to a minimum.”

Zoning laws are lax in the kingdom, particularly for a princess, so finding the right site was the biggest issue. Cinderella proudly showed off the lot she settled on, a wooded hillside with spectacular views of the capital: “I’d almost forgotten how gorgeous the palace looks from a distance!”

Behind her, the new home rises from the ground like a bright orange moon…if the moon had a door, two windows and a chimney. “The house is coming along great, and I have enough pumpkin butter to last a lifetime,” said Cinderella. “Oh, watch your step! The mice are kind of thick on the ground here. No, no, they’re tame.”

Is this a permanent move? She promises otherwise: “No way! I think of this as a way to rejuvenate and grow as a person. Literally!” said Cinderella, with a wink. “I was just getting in a rut—the ambassadors, the primping, the late nights. And the shoes were insane. Do not get me started on the shoes.”

She says Prince Charming has been fully supportive. “He knows better than anyone that it’s tough to be royal all the time.” And how does her fairy godmother feel about the new house? “Was she surprised? Sure. She went all out conjuring that coach. But you know, I explained what I wanted to do now, and she’s cool with it. She just wants me to be happy.”

What further plans exist for Cinderella? “Around here, definitely a garden. Long-term, I want to advocate for orphans, maybe grow a whole patch of gourd-based housing for kids in need. I want to show people that you can be happy as long as you follow your dreams.”

Even if your dream is to live in a pumpkin.



One Response to “Coach Class: Cinderella revamps her old vehicle into a home”

  1. rgdole 10/09/2013 at 9:12 pm #

    hey this is just random… but since you mentioned Peter Peter I was trying to remember the rhyme and well learned some disturbing stuff… apparently he basically killed this wife to control her put her ashes in a pumpkin shell and then married again and well the guy is psycho… old children rhymes are just creepy…

    I do like the gourd based housing for orphans… that sounds like Cinderella… 😀

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