Giant Now Suing Artist/Fairy For Royalties

18 Oct
The image in question.

The meme in question.

Gargantua the giant is suing the artist/fairy operating under the name, T-Bell, for violation of copyright. This is the second time that the fairy has come under scrutiny for fair use laws. The first incident occurred in 2008 when the Associated Press made allegations that the fairy had reproduced their image of Prince Charming without permission. The poster in question featured a likeness of the prince with the word CHARM appearing in bold type at the bottom. The matter was finally settled when the fairy was sentenced to community service, which included supervision of a group of orphaned boys in Neverland.

This new lawsuit is over an image which T-Bell created decades ago while still in design school. The fairy tinkered with an image of Gargantua to create a now popular meme. Along side the image was a listing of the giant’s height and weight, as well as the phrase, “Gargantua The Giant has a posse.” The fairy placed stickers of the meme all over the urban landscape as a form of guerrilla art. The phrase became part of the public lexicon. Fame and fortune found the fairy. If Gargantua is able to claim royalties on the image, it may pay out a ransom worth more than the golden goose.


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