Peas Porridge Found Nine Days Past Expiration

8 Nov
What happens on day ten in the pot?

What happens on day ten in the pot?

Consumer advocates are demanding a recall of Instant Peas Porridge that has been shipping to retail and food service establishments nine days past the expiration date. The manufacturer of the ready-to-eat product maintains that Instant Peas Porridge is safe to consume either hot or cold, regardless if it is nine days old.

If the product were recalled, it would be the second incident this week. On Monday, Baker’s Man issued a recall of Patty Cakes. The high-speed production facility responsible for manufacturing Patty Cakes mismarked each confection with an ‘X’. Parents were unsure if the cakes were safe for child consumption.

There are no confirmed illnesses associated with these products.



One Response to “Peas Porridge Found Nine Days Past Expiration”

  1. cat9984 11/09/2013 at 11:45 am #

    Sounds like they need a good PR firm – “10 Things to Do With Expired Peas: A Skincare Guide.”

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