Well Miss-Wishes

29 Nov
Image by Anna-Webber

Image by Anna-Webber

A Special Report By Grimm Report Chief Public Utilities Correspondent, Arhetta Charles
arhettacharles.wordpress.com | @ArhettaCharles

The Wishing Well is granting spontaneous wishes on passersby without rhyme or reason.  Residents have been asked to avoid The Wishing Well and the surrounding area. Emergency responders are on the scene and Sleepy Drive is currently closed.

The well began miss-wishing sometime between eight and ten o’clock this morning. An abundance of frogs trying to cross Sleepy Drive are what drew local attention however, it wasn’t immediately clear that anything was amiss.

We spoke with Lt. Daniel Delong with the department of Magical Mistakes and Remedies. “We have our best agents on this.  The Well has confined its miss-wishing to the area around the well itself.  The public is not in any danger.” Victims of The Wishing Well would disagree. When pressed Lt. Delong had this to say. “It doesn’t appear to affect everyone but I’m keeping my distance.”

Lt. Delong is referring to the only two things that appear to link The Well’s victims. They were in the area around The Well and they all have names beginning with the letter D.

Darla Davis, who is currently in protective custody, said she never wanted to be a princess and definitely never wanted a witch after her. That didn’t stop The Well from turning her into a princess and sending an evil witch to torment her.

“I spar with real princesses with real futures. Girls destined for one of the big houses not hapless wannabe’s who will never have anything for me to take,” says witch Octavia Pact. She cursed Darla Davis and now Miss. Davis sings beautifully but sings everything. At present Octavia Pact is at large and the public should consider her armed and dangerous.

We spoke to Douglas Doogle Danvers, or Doo as he kept telling us to call him, just before Emergency Magical Technicians took him to the hospital to be treated. Hikers spotted Danvers clinging for dear life to a tree branch.

“Flying was awesome,” he said tugging at his new wings. “I didn’t want them or anything but they always looked like fun and it was fun until I got too high and couldn’t get back down. Stupid wings.  Fairies make this @#$% look too easy. I’m a bridge troll what the @#$% was The Well thinking?” Mr. Danvers managed to save himself by holding onto the tree branch until EMT’s could reach him.

Lt. Delong remains confident that his agents who include high profile fairies and witches can shut down The Well before anyone else is harmed. It isn’t yet known if The Well is targeting only those with names containing the letter D or if this fact is just an unhappy coincidence.



4 Responses to “Well Miss-Wishes”

  1. Erika Beebe 11/29/2013 at 7:59 am #

    What a clever twist. Brilliant. :o)

  2. rgdole 11/29/2013 at 11:10 am #

    when magic goes wrong… too funny… but why is it going wrong? I have to know!

    • grimmreport 11/29/2013 at 11:27 am #

      We’ll work tirelessly to bring you more as it develops, unless there’s some other breaking news. At which case, the story fall prey to the 24 hour news cycle. Cheers!

  3. herdthinner 11/29/2013 at 3:21 pm #

    I was thinking i’d try to break the police line and think of nothing but “Lottery winner, lottery winner, lottery winner” as I stroll by, but it might make me the winner of Shirley Jackson’s lottery. So I’ll be a good citizen and keep my distance.

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