Conspiracy On Late Christmas Deliveries Leaves Dragon Breathless

27 Dec
Image by David Revoy

Image by David Revoy

Special Reporting In Association With Renowned Dragon Biologist, Resa Nelson | @resanelson

A recent near-collision in the skies over Nibelungenlied Airport has left carrier dragon, Sparky, in a real huff. He explained at a press gathering, “The control tower had given me coordinates and I was cleared for landing. Imagine my frustration when I found myself staring down the nosecone of an oncoming cargo plane.” He then stated, “It really burned my britches.” One reporter further irritated Sparky in pointing out the irony of the statement, as dragons do not wear pants. That reporter was incinerated on the spot.

Sparky told the press that he had suspicions as to who was responsible for the near-collision. The jet involved in the incident was owned and operated by Siegfried Express, more commonly known as SeigEx. “These shipping companies are trying to blame us for all of their late Christmas deliveries. It just slays me,” said the dragon. “SeigEx is used to sitting on top of its pile of treasure, but now they’re running scared. Dragons are the future!”

Dragons are quickly becoming the ideal carrier in the current economic environment. While dragons emit a highly combustible natural gas as a result of digestion, the Environmental Protection Agency has been reluctant to cap those emissions. The transition to dragon shipping has also been aided by a rise in jet fuel costs, and an enormous advantage in hauling capacity.  One dragon outfitted with a fanny pack can carry as much as three freight planes.

“These companies are afraid of losing customers to new competition, so they’ll do anything to make dragons look bad – even going so far as to say we’re flying too slow and clogging traffic, causing disruption to their service.”

Sparky snorted for emphasis. “But this dragon ain’t draggin’ his wagon.”


Resa Nelson is a SFWA member and the author of the 4-book Dragonslayer series as well as two standalone novels.  Her newest book is All Of Us Were Sophie, a present-day science fiction murder mystery.  Her new Dragonslayer mini-novel (Astrid, The Dragonslayer’s Blacksmith) is FREE on Amazon through December 27, 2013.


One Response to “Conspiracy On Late Christmas Deliveries Leaves Dragon Breathless”

  1. rgdole 12/27/2013 at 11:45 am #

    OMG! could there be like little bitty dragons to deliver the to our front door… that would be AWESOME!!! I want a baby dragon now…

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