Suburban Mouse Visits Another Suburban Mouse, Total Lack of Drama Commences

13 Jan

A Meh Report By Some Grimm Report Correspondent,
Jocelyn Koehler | @jocelynk414

When a local mouse living in the local suburb of Glendale went to visit a relative who lived in another suburb of Glenwood, the result was a dull incident that highlighted absolutely nothing. Virtually no amusing differences of opinion or discomforting revelations occurred.

Though the areas are separated by a considerable distance, the suburban mouse who traveled via expressway noticed little change in the passing landscape, and was even a bit disoriented to find that the streets in the new suburb curved in almost the same way. “I swear that corner looks just like the intersection of Maple and Timid Deer Lane!” said the mouse. “But it’s not, because the house on the corner is blue instead of brown.”

Once the first mouse arrived at his destination, both host and guest discovered a remarkable consistency in opinion and worldview. “Same hopes, same fears. Same expectations,” concluded the host. “Like talking to a mirror.”

The mice agreed on important issues like crime (too high) and consumerism (too rampant). Then the guest added, “Oh, did you get that table at Crate & Barrel? So cute! I saw that in the spring catalog. Thought it looked nice, but I just bought a side table last month.”

The guest mouse reflected on the similarity of both households. “I don’t know what I was expecting. It was so far away from where I live that I thought things must be wild and crazy here, but it’s just like home. Don’t know why I left the house, actually. I mean, I like my family, but we have the internet. I could have just skyped.”

When asked about future plans to visit either the city or the country, both mice shuddered. “Too dangerous! Things tend to happen in those types of places.”

The mice then phoned in a delivery for cheese pizza, which they planned to eat in the living room so as not to miss the upcoming game.



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