Brinker Disqualified In Sochi

9 Feb

A Special Report By Grimm Report Chief Olympic Correspondent,
Cathy Behnke

SOCHI, RUSSIA–It’s official – you won’t be seeing Hans Brinker compete at these Winter Olympics. Danish officials announced that their star speed skater had been disqualified for a violation of Olympic equipment standards. It seems his trademark silver skates do not meet quality standards for Olympic blades. A spokesman stated that “The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has strict guidelines for the alloys that may be used in skate blades. Mr. Brinker’s skates do not meet these guidelines. Therefore, he will not be allowed to skate.” Upon questioning, the spokesman admitted that the IOC had only examined the skates due to a last-minute challenge by the Russian coach.

Rumors are swirling that the issue is more Brinker’s personal life than his skates. The skater, who has kept his personal life private, is well-known for his support of what the Russians deem “depraved lifestyle choices”. Brinker has also gone on the record with his belief that Russia is homophobic.

The Danish delegation will not be contesting the disqualification. Delegation head H.C. Andersen says, “The timing is such that it is not favorable to allowing Hans’ participation. We believe that a post-Olympic review is the most feasible route to resolution for future competitions.” A protest is planned in Copenhagen for tomorrow evening.



One Response to “Brinker Disqualified In Sochi”

  1. Linda Vernon 02/11/2014 at 12:14 am #

    That is so sad. That poor guy.

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