Witches Wild Party

3 May
Embed from Getty Images

And now for a fun little tale from Grimm Report Chief Outback Correspondent, Carrie Wilson. Enjoy!

Once upon a fractured dream,
A frog sat in wait.
For his princess,
Who was running late.

His slimy rock was getting cold,
And bugs swarmed around
The frog wasn’t hungry though
His princess must be found!

Suddenly a witch appeared,
And he knew all along,
This was a neighborly dispute,
After a party gone wrong.

‘I have your princess held,’
The witch said with a sneer.
‘Until you fix the things you broke,
After you drank too much beer!’

The frog rolled his eyes,
and puffed out a sigh,
‘I didn’t break those things.
You did, when you were high.’

The witch screamed ‘SILENCE’
‘I’ll have nothing of this rot,
I am an upstanding citizen,
and I never smoke pot!’

The frog smiled and snickered,
He had this old witch caught,
And pulled out a picture,
Of the very naughty sort.

The witch gasped and vanished
Leaving the frog all alone,
He rolled into the pond and wept,
The witch’s plan had been blown.

The princess walked down the road,
with a smile upon her face
‘This happens every time
There is a party at her place!’



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