Thrill Seekers Grab Gryphon by the Toe, Unsure What to Do Next

16 Nov
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A Special Report By Grimm Report Chief Furry Creatures Correspondent,
Jess E. Owen | @JE_Owen

REYKJAVIK, ICELAND–The notorious YouTube sensation and thrill-seeking Eenie Meenie Miney group have struck again, but this time, the thrill struck back. “Everyone’s done tigers,” says cult star Mo, leader of the gang. “We wanted to up the ante.”

And how. Iceland is one of the few countries left to host a small but mighty population of the felis-avian species–known in pop culture as gryphons.

Led by a local Inuit guide, the group snuck up on a slumbering specimen, roughly the size of an African lion, and seized him by one hind toe. The feathery feline woke promptly, snatched Mo’s hat from his head and tore it into three pieces–the guide said–as a warning.

Too petrified to move, Mo seemed to ignore the shouts of his companions to release the toe, and when the gryphon decided to attempt dislodging the young miscreant by taking flight, Mo nearly took a free aerial tour of the island. His companions managed to drag him down to safety.

Video of the event has already clocked over 2 million views. What advice do locals have for other adventure seekers? “Let it go.”


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One Response to “Thrill Seekers Grab Gryphon by the Toe, Unsure What to Do Next”

  1. deshipley 11/18/2014 at 6:56 pm #

    That Eenie, Meenie, Miney group’s lack of decisiveness will be their undoing, one of these days. You don’t always have to consult each other before taking action, or wait for your mothers to tell you which option to pick. Try common sense, once in a while!

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