End of the Road for Inventor? Daedalus Held for Suspicious Death

14 Jan
A Special Report By Grimm Report Chief Mythical Correspondent,
Jocelyn Koehler
teamblood.org | @jocelynk414

Local authorities are still warning people to stay away from the site of a suspicious death. In addition to the body of Icarus (age 18), the only clues recovered were a pile of melted wax and feathers, and the rambling statement of one Daedalus, an older man who was found near the scene. He is now being held as a Person of Interest in the death.

“I told him not to do it,” said Daedalus, speaking to the media from a podium in front of the courthouse after the hearing. He explained that both he and his son were flying with the homemade wings, and that the death was a tragic accident. “I said, don’t fly too low because the damp sea air will loosen the feathers. And not too high because the sun will melt the wax. Poor sweet Icarus! Couldn’t follow the most basic instructions!” Daedalus then broke down into tears borne of equal parts rage and grief.

According to the police, the body was confirmed to be that of Daedalus’ son Icarus, and the wax and feathers covering him seemed to indicate a bizarre “tar and feathering” hate crime. The official police statement disregarded Daedalus’ explanation, which was that the victim was flying under wax-and-wing power. “Um, no,” the police spokesman said the same afternoon. “Basic physics says that’s just not happening. Humans can wear all the feathers they want, but they can’t flap their arms and fly. We are exploring the possibility that hallucinogens were involved.”

But Daedalus insisted that the events were real and not metaphorical at all. “You stupid people! Stop saying it’s a story about the dangers of complacency versus hubris! It’s a story about escaping from a tower where the stupid king imprisoned you and your son just because you helped some poor girl get out of a labyrinth. There’s no subtext here. He flew too close to the sun, and the wax melted, and he fell to his death. What’s so hard to grok about that?”

Daedalus’s attorney prevented his client from answering further questions. But Daedalus did offer a brief final statement. “I’m an inventor, ok? I’ve aways tried to make cool things, things that would be new and interesting and that people would get something out of. But no one is ever grateful for what I’ve done. No one ever appreciates creatives. Guy invents fire? Gods have an eagle rip his liver out. Lady gets good at weaving? She’s cursed into the shape of a spider. I build wings with nothing but wax and feathers? My son dies. That’s why we can’t have nice things. So I quit. Forget it. Solve your own messes. Make up your own stuff. Build your own labyrinths. I’m out. I’m done. If I had invented the microphone by now, I’d drop it right here.”

Daedalus then left the podium, accompanied by his attorney. Though the hearing is concluded, a trial date has yet to be scheduled.

One Response to “End of the Road for Inventor? Daedalus Held for Suspicious Death”

  1. Adam Hoffman 01/14/2015 at 4:54 pm #

    Before anyone rules out Daedalus’s story, has anyone questioned Apollo (aka the Sun) about it?

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