Asa Hurren

Asa is a reformed poet with the attention span of a Tasmanian devil and hardly ever finishes anything. If he can pin his mind down for a few minutes he can be quite creative, but is sadly easily distracted and loses the train of thought quickly. He does however type rather quickly whatever is on his mind at any given time, often without stopping to break sentences as that would slow his thoughts down. This often ends in long, wittering rants that sound quite a lot like he does if you meet him when he’s had too much ale.

He lives in Hull, a beautiful city in north east England which all to often has it’s better aspects such as it’s talented artistic and musical underground over-looked by the media. This irks him somewhat. As do many things these days; he is gradually becoming a grumpy old man with a chip on his shoulder when it comes to politicians.

He is happily married with two wonderful children, one of whom has sadly gained his father’s stubborn streak. Poor little man also has his father’s metabolism, so he’s painfully thin and won’t eat unless he really wants to. The other child is just into her teenage years and quite frankly, wonderful. Must take after her mum.

Did he mention he witters on sometimes?

Old Witch Forced To Eat Own Home


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