Dear Crabby

We at The Grimm Report invite you to heed the advice of our sweet, dear Crabby. Read as she conjures creative solutions for all that is amiss with our fairytale friends!

Dear Crabby is the recent recipient of an Individual Excellence Award from the FCCnC (Folkloric Creatures ‘n’ Characters Council) in the Advice Columns/Extreme Ironing category, and was also selected to attend The Aarne-Thompson writers workshop in Lady-of-the-Lake, Wisconsin. Her biography, Cuthbert McDiddler: the Real Author of MacBeth was a finalist for the Fringe Belief Non-fiction Prize. She has written a guide to organic herb gardening Once Upon a Thyme, and a rollicking Western novel Princess Diaries Unchained. Despite the fame and international recognition (she once published some poems in a Canadian high school literary magazine), Dear Crabby remains shy and hermit-like. “I had a bad experience. I told you, no interviews… Now, go away!”

Disclaimer: All comments are solely the opinion of Dear Crabby, and do not reflect the opinion of The Grimm Report, or its staff. Dear Crabby created by Trista Wilson and Christie Hall.


Dear Crabby: Unappreciated
Dear Crabby: Hair Affair
Dear Crabby: Fried Fairy

Dear Crabby: Tired and Ticked-Off


2 Responses to “Dear Crabby”


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    […] Dear Crabby […]

  2. Dear Crabby: Hair Affair | The Grimm Report - 09/24/2013

    […] Dear Crabby […]

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