Gregory Gerard


Gregory Gerard’s work has been recognized by Tiny Lights, Image OutWrite, and Geva Theater. He teaches writing part-time at Writers & Books, Rochester’s contemporary literary center, and has been a guest instructor at the University of Rochester’s Scholars Creative Writing Program.

His memoir, IN JUPITER’S SHADOW (2009, Infinity Publishing), chronicles a religious boy’s struggle with forbidden attraction. It explores how we all receive messages about what we “should be” in life and how we sometimes work to hide truth from the most important person in our lives: ourselves.

His debut novel, THE MARTINI CHRONICLES (2013, Kindle Direct Publishing), is a serialized story tracking the indissoluble friendship between a gay man and married woman. Each chapter comes with a themed martini recipe and thought-starter discussion questions.

Gerard keeps the writing hot and the martinis cold at

Snow White Sleeps Off Appletini Hangover?

The Martini Chronicles
In Jupiter’s Shadow



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