Hospitality with Goldilocks


We at The Grimm Report invite you to join our Chief Hospitality Correspondent, Goldilocks.  Follow her as she travels to the far reaches of the globe in search of the best in dining, relaxation and rest. Along the way, she will discover what you are sure to agree is ‘Just Right’ for your next excursion. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: All comments are solely the opinion of Miss Goldilocks, and do not reflect the opinion of The Grimm Report, or its staff. All reviews have been transcribed diligently by Amy Good, as Miss Goldilocks’s notes are, “Too messy.” Hospitality with Goldilocks was created by Amy Good, accept no substitute.

Mama’s BearClaw Bakery
Vlad’s Kabobs
Witches’ Cauldron
Plymouth Rock Café
The Djinn Palace


5 Responses to “Hospitality with Goldilocks”


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