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I, Humpty is Now Available in Four Formats

21 Oct

I, Humpty by Eric Wilder

I, Humpty is now available for purchase in four different formats. You can get buy the paperback on amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com. There is a hardcover book also available. The ebook is available on amazon.com. I, Humpty is also available as an audiobook on iTunes and audible.com. You are invited to take a look, or listen… or both. Cheers!


Free Book: The Onion meets the Brothers Grimm

19 Nov

The Grimm Report received a pleasant surprise yesterday from author Laura Kenyon. Laura was kind enough to feature Our Brothers Grimmest over on her blog, Skipping Midnight. We invite you to check out the article, as well as the rest of her fine website. Thank you.

If you have a nose for satire, are reading this blog, and like getting free stuff… chances are you’ll love the new free e-book just unleashed by the folks over at The Grimm Report.

Our Brothers Grimmest (think The Onion set in Far Far Away), is a great way to catch up on all the hilarious stories The Grimm Report has been putting out since last November. Written in mock-tabloid fashion, articles include Snow White’s unfortunate encounter with too many appletinis, the Magic Mirror’s new job judging “The Voice,” Rumplestiltskin’s legal name change, and a collection of “Dear Crabby” letters between a snarky self-help guru and maladjusted fairy tale characters.

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Live Read Of The Grimm Report

13 Nov

Gather around, all. It’s story-time for one last… er, time. In one week, November 20th, at 6:00 p.m. sharp, at the Bamba Bistro in Rochester, NY,… hold up while I catch my breath… there will be a reading of a selection of articles from The Grimm Report. Continue reading

Our Brothers Grimmest Is Here!

12 Nov

We at The Grimm Report would like to present you this present… er, gift. Here is your FREE copy of Our Brothers Grimmest: Contributors Of The GrimmReport.com. This e-book chronicles all of the amazing work by our wonderful contributors, up to the beginning of November, 2013. We would like to thank them for all that they have done to make The Grimm Report the fun little venue of creativity that it is. This book is published in their honor. Click the cover and you will be transported to Smashwords.com where you can download the book, share it with your friends, and enjoy!

I want my copy NOW!

I want my copy NOW!


Book Tease: Our Brothers Grimmest

5 Nov

In recognition of all of the incredibly marvelous people that have graced our news site with their creativity, we at The Grimm Report are publishing an ebook entitled, OUR BROTHERS GRIMMEST: CONTRIBUTORS OF THE GRIMMREPORT.COM. Continue reading

Another Late Breaking Book Review!

9 Aug

We at the Grimm Report had the honor of reviewing the next book in the Wilderhark Tales by author Danielle E. Shipley, The Stone Kingdom. Rather than risk a riot among our staff again over who got first crack on the advanced reader copy, we hired out someone whose known to have held a vast collection of literary classics, The Beast. Unfortunately his wife Belle unloaded the collection in a garage sale prior to a move to the suburbs. Now The Beast fumbles around his e-reader, scratching the surface now and again with his paws. But we digress.

What did The Beast think of The Stone Kingdom? Miss Shipley’s first foray into fairytales was a great success. Her second appears to be easily as good, if not better. And yes, Miss Shipley, you may quote us on that. Continue reading